14 Warning signs of serious eye problems

14 Warning signs of serious eye problems

Are your eyes showing unusual changes? Are your eyes turning red or pale? If you notice these signs, don’t sit calmly because these gradual changes could be a sign of underlying serious eye issues.

Over time, stable changes in our eyes can signal underlying issues that, if noticed early, can be treated effectively.

We take our eyes for granted and ignore warning signs. You can lose your eyesight forever. So it’s important to check your eyes to see these changes. Are you worried about what signs could be dangerous? Don’t stress out.

Read this article; it will be informational for you to know about warning signs and symptoms that indicate eye problems.

14 Warning signs that indicate eye problems

There are a few signs that people notice before having serious eye issues. If you are experiencing the following unusual symptoms, take immediate steps:

  • Red shot

There are eye vessels that provide nutrients to the eyes. But sometimes, the infection occurs in the eye vessels, causing irritation and red shots. This condition is common in people but not that serious. But rubbing your red-shot eye is dangerous. If you are experiencing this, don’t touch your eyes.

Normally, this condition vanishes within days or weeks. If it persists, you can consult an ophthalmologist.

If you are seeing red shots, it could be an early sign of diabetes, and prolonged red shots lead to poor vision or blindness.

  • Dry eye

Dry eyes are a common issue that occurs because of excessive screen time. This condition is frequently seen in people who work in front of a computer screen for hours. This could be a sign of autoimmune disease or Sjogren’s syndrome, an allergic eye disease. If dry eye disease is left untreated, it causes visual loss.

  • Burning sensation

Are your eyes burning? Burning sensation in the eye is not easy to handle because it’s painful. The burning sensation in the eye is considered a sign of blepharitis that occurs due to a buildup of bacteria, which further causes dandruff on the eyelids. If the burning sensation isn’t over with cooling drops, this issue could be a serious problem like keratitis or inflamed cornea. So watch these tired or irritated eyes.

  • Crust

Sometimes, a sticky material accumulates on eyelids or lashes, which is called crust. It is okay if you have some amount of crust on your eye after getting up from sleep, but if you notice excessive amounts of crust, it could be dangerous for your eyes. It could be an early symptom of keratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea.

  • Blurred vision

Everything in front of you is blurred? It could be due to serious eye conditions like a contract, macular hole, etc. This blurred vision can change to permanent eyesight loss.

  • Flashes of light

Flashes of light are the reason for the retinal tear formation, which can cause retinal detachment.

  • Red growth over the eye

Sometimes, a triangular growth appears on the nasal corner of the eye and covers the black part of the eye. It is a sign of future abnormal fibrous growth of the conjunctiva. It is best to remove it in the early stage otherwise it will damage your eye.

  • Puffy eyes

Have you ever noticed some people have puffy eyes? These puffy eyes are not normal. These could be because of pink eye, inflammation, and other eye allergies.

Additionally, puffy eyes could be a symptom of thyroid problems.

  • Watery eyes

The main function of tears is to keep your eyes moist. Plus, these tears wash out chemical particles.

If you have excessive water in your eyes could be the cause of scrap, infection, or blocked tear ducts. It may cause weak eyesight or partial eye loss.

  • Twitching

Twitching is a common movement of the eye, but it is alarming if twitching lasts for hours or days. Sometimes, twitching involves half of your face.

  • Lump

On eyelids or under the eyelids, small balls-like structures formed, which are called lumps. Some lumps are painless eye bumps, which are known as chalazion. These lumps formed when oil glands clogged. Just swollen bumps are easy to cure, but some need surgical removal.

When the eye’s white area starts reflecting a yellow color, it means you have joindiance. If you have just a few yellowish spots, it indicates that you may have pinguicula.

  • Crossed eyes

Sometimes, the eyes fail to point in the same direction. This condition is called crossed eyes. In this condition, each eye sends a different picture to the brain. It may be a sign of poor vision or another serious issue like listeriosis.

The treatment of this disease is surgery only.

  • Droopy eye

Droopy eye is a condition in which eyelids hang down. This affects your vision and blocks your sight. The sudden appearance of droopy eyes could be a sign of a brain tumor, muscle disease, or stroke.

  • Double image

In some people, double images are formed, which is a sign of severe health issues. They see each thing double, which is the most irritating thing.

How to avoid serious eye problems?

Here are some tips to avoid serious eye problems such as:

  • Eat vision-healthy food such as kale, spinach, grapes, almonds, seeds, nuts, etc.
  • Control your weight because weight gain promotes eye issues
  • Wear sunglasses in the sun to avoid UV rays and polluted areas
  • Set your sleep cycle
  • Do eye exercises
  • Avoid excessive screen timing
  • Vist your eye doctor regularly


Your eyes are invaluable. Ignoring warning signs of serious eye problems can lead to irreversible damage to your vision. You may experience blindness, blurry vision, dry eyes, pink eye diseases, etc. Regular eye check-ups are important to avoid serious eye issues. If you can’t visit a doctor, follow the above-mentioned tips.